2017 Countryside Stewardship Application HEFERs

This web portal is currently undergoing development and refresh
to enable Natural England staff to request an Historic Environment FER (HEFER)
as soon as possible to support 2017 Countryside Stewardship applications
Current delivery date is 28th April dependant on testing.


 ALGAO members can refer to Ken Smith's CS Consultation Note 6 Mar16

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The Countryside Stewardship  UPDATED Manual Chapter 5.4 explains how an applicant should consult on the historic environment. Natural England are working in partnership with the umbrella body for professional archaeologists and historic records specialist staff associated with Local Authorities - ALGAO & Historic England (formerly English Heritage). This website provides a web portal for all CS pre-application consultations to be logged/sent digitally.

A HEFER Request is sent by the SHINE web portal to:

- the relevant Local Authority Historic Environment Service(s) for them to add known historic environment features (above and below-ground archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscape features)  as SHINE features and to add management recommendations for each site (Higher Tier only).

- Where a designated historic asset (Scheduled Monument, Registered Park or Registered Battlefield) is present within the consultation area, Historic England will always provide a response.

Responses will be completed within 20 working days from request- completed in part automatically where a Local Authority is unable to contribute.

A CS Applicant (and NE Adviser) will receive an email containing a link to download each completed Response.

A Mid-Tier HEFER Response will consist of a series of HEFER Maps in PDF form showing all SHINE and designated features within the consultation area, at various scales) and a HEFER Report, tabling each feature and information on what form it takes, how significant management would be, and for designated assets, management recommendations. A Higher Tier HEFER Response adds management recommendations for every SHINE feature in the consultation area.

The CS Manual explains how to use the HEFER Response to verify and check location of options and capital items, and their eligibility for Historic Environment Options.

For queries, please consult the relevant organisation or the relevant online Countryside Stewardship documents.

Record look-up

Use the search tools below to give you more information about the archaeological and historic sites on your Countryside Stewardship application area.

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