On this page you can check the completeness of HEFER Requests from previous years. Enter your Single Business Identifier number in the box below and click Search.

Every CS applicant must have the opportunity for a full completed HEFER Response this year on all land parcels and for the correct Tier. *Any change in tier or land parcels requires a new HEFER Request.

Natural England must carry out different actions depending on the result:

- 'The SBI could not be found'. Please check and try again.            A HEFER Request must be commissioned by NE.

- None of the consultees completed a PAID Response                   A new HEFER Request must be commissioned by NE. DO NOT download and use the previous year's HEFER.

- Only some consultees completed a PAID Response                     Download the Maps and Data but use the Response for the area under the PAID consultee only*. A new HEFER must be commissioned by NE.

- All consultees show as completing a PAID Response                   Download and use the Maps and Data, as no new HEFER Response is necessary unless the tier or field parcels have changed.


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