Use the search tools below to give you more information about any archaeological or historic features on your holding that would benefit from management under Countryside Stewardship.

Please enter the relevant National Heritage List identifier (e.g. 10093950) or SHINE UID (e.g. CB8000 - login required) as shown on your Environmental Information Map or search by postcode to locate the area of interest.  

Use the Countryside Stewardship Grants Finder or the Farming the Historic Landscape brochures for arable and grassland for some helpful guidance on what options may be suitable for managing these features, or contact RPA on or telephone 03000 200 301 (Opening times: 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

For guidance about designated heritage assets (scheduled monuments, registered parks and gardens and registered battlefields) consult your Historic England local office, and for more information about SHINE features speak to your local authority historic environment service.